how to develop a what'sapp-like app?

Ever wondered where did the text messaging days go? Or perhaps, nobody misses the expensive trip of one text message, but something happened in 2009 and an app called WhatsApp came into the digital world.

WhatsApp emerged as a star of messaging that came as a needed revolutionized bridge of instant communication. This one app and we never looked back since then, still feels as though there’s no app better than the way it runs. I’m not considering social media apps here, it’s another lane to walk through.

Why am I hyping WhatsApp though? Simply, because it fits perfectly into the ecosystem of instant communication and therefore, it’s the best example.

Let’s learn from the best.

1. Keep the app clean and simple

Since users are concerned about their privacy. So, you will have to design an app that solves the problem and not collects the unrequired information from them. When you do that, more traffic comes on your app and it speeds up your app since the app is not collecting user’s every activity moves that make the app less responsive. Once added these two things to your app, this will result in effective UX.

When it comes to text message UI designs, simple design is the way to go. Look at the WhatsApp UI, it’s simple. 90% of the users attract by UX and 10% by UI designs. Therefore, more focus on functionality and less on its beautification. Keep the app structure design clean and simple for the users. After all, they’ll be using your app.

2. App language

Going with the trends is always not a good idea. Likewise, going with trendy programming languages won’t land you traffic to your app. That simply translates into, A developer you will choose a programming language that goes with your application to build its robust structure unless you’re developing for a few trendy people.

Therefore, it’s always suggested to not go with trends to build your effective app system.

3Their privacy is none of your party

Every country has its own data protection authority(DPA) and laws that ensure and safeguards the user’s personal information and how and where the accumulated information will be accessed. Furthermore, you need to go through and perhaps satisfy all the legal requirements by your country’s DPA and other countries as well. If you’re developing for the globe.

Privacy and security shouldn’t be counted as a feature anymore. As I have mentioned in point 1, As more and more people are cautious about what they share on the internet. Downloading an app being one of them. It’s essential to keep their communication private just between the sender and receiver only. WhatsApp chats are encrypted, which means, no third person not even who made the app can access the chat.

End-to-end Encryption should be embraced by your app in order to attract users happily.

4. Load with features

One-to-one chat, group chat, image sharing, audio and video conferencing, file sharing, storage library, all are basic and essential features that an instant messaging app should have. This is how the journey of messaging app had started with WhatsApp. Now, things have changed, to lure the audience you have to have basic features with some innovative ones like a money transfer from the app itself, app analytics, audio and video streaming.

5. Massive cloud storage

You should be prepared for storing user’s required basic information to store on a cloud system if in case your app goes viral. In that case, you will need massive cloud storage which will handle the heavy loads of data with stability.


Your app can also hang out with these apps. Remember all points and users in mind to whom you are developing for and start developing the next revolutionary instant messaging app!

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