what are facebook ads?

Facebook ads or Facebook ads manager is the online advertising platform where you can create and manage your ad campaigns for your brand or for your clients.

Being the Marketer’s favorite platform for advertising, Facebook makes a good amount of revenue from its advertising each quarter. Isn’t this good for your business?

Let’s see how your business can use ads manager to:

  • Design ads on Facebook
  • Bid for Facebook ads
  • Target audiences based on business goals
  • Ads campaign optimization
  • Track your Facebook campaign

How do Facebook ads work? Should you invest in Facebook ads?

Facebook is the best platform to advertise your business both small and large size. Currently, Facebook has over 2.50 billion monthly active users all around the globe. In 2004 Facebook was founded, and in 2007 Facebook introduced Facebook ads.  This smart move by Mr. Zuckerberg had created the storm in online marketing after Google ads. Who would have thought Social Media could be the best place to shop.

This is how Facebook makes a big proportion of money from selling advertisements not from selling your data.

With that said, you should invest in Facebook Ads for your business to grow. With the Instagram acquisition and many products in their pocket, Facebook is growing uphill tremendously.

How do Facebook ads manager work?

Facebook ads manager consists of 3 steps or tabs.

  1. Campaigns
  2. Ad sets
  3. Ads

At the ad campaign level

Campaign name – Auction – Campaign spending limit

Every plan starts with a name. That simply translated into, your business goals as to create your campaign. Give a name to it. If it’s for clients then give it that client name to recognize easily.

Here are the campaign objects that Facebook has.

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Conversions
  • Store traffic
  • Messages

Select a goal that suits your business.

For small businesses, it could be brand awareness, lead generation, gain traffic and for large businesses, it could store traffic, more conversion, etc.

At the ad sets level

Facebook lets you create the ad sets based on the targeted audience, location, age, gender, or even languages. You can set daily spending on ad set based on your preference.

If you don’t know about your audience or you’ve just started a business. No worries, Facebook has got an option for that as well. Just simply go to audience Insight and thoroughly learn about the targeted audience that your business wants to capture.

Moreover, Facebook allows you to create multiple ad sets in the same campaign and therefore saves your time.

At the ads level

Create multiple ads here, with image or video, or carousal, or collection. It depends on your business. Facebook allows your ad to be shown on Instagram as well Since it was bought in 2012 by facebook. If your budget allows it, go ahead.

Your ad is ready to go live on Facebook and viral now.

What are the benefits of Facebook ads manager for your business?

  • Various targeting options

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, Facebook has over more than 2.50 billion active monthly users. Isn’t that convincing enough for you?

Facebook has the largest user base data and therefore ads manager will help your business to flourish more easily.

  • Choose from different ad formats

The multiple ad formats by ads manager let your business reach the targeted audience conveniently. Ad formats like image ads, video ads, stories, messenger, carousel, slideshow, payables, and collection ads.

  • Take advantage of their Facebook insights

Ads manager allows your business to go deep understanding about your audience’s preferences. Their insight is a whole new world for you. They’ve got various insights for different businesses and therefore help your business.

  • The cost of ads are pocket friendly

As compared to the other advertising platforms, Facebook ads are cheaper than other advertising platforms. Therefore, could save you some bucks.

How does SEO Space work for your Facebook ads?

Let’s understand SEOSPACE way of marketing.

The secret is in the ad itself and that attracts traffic to your landing page. Your ad will make consumers remember you.

Our expert will design your ad campaign funnel for the targeted audience to identify and therefore generate leads that later could convert into sales. We use cost-effective methods to drive sales and therefore use minimum CPC tactics to gain more benefit.

Showing the right ad, in the right ad format, to the right targeted audience, at the right time, always works wonder for our expert.

We will help you build an effective online presence for your Facebook page by buying Facebook likes and followers so that you could grow organically.

We have various remarking strategies to regain the lost interest of our prospects the through Facebook pixel.

Still, got questions about Facebook ads? Just Connect with us, We’re always happy to assist you.

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