what are google ads?

Google ads, also known as Google AdWords. It’s the  Google advertising platform in which advertisers participate in the Google ads auction where they bid for the specific keywords for their Google advertisement to rank in Google’s search results. This is how Google makes money, from their advertiser’s willingness to pay for their google ad.

That’s not it yet. There are significant factors in Google ads like Quality Score and maximum cost-per-click that determine your google ad rank.

Let’s dig deeper into the concept of Google ads or AdWords mechanism, whichever you prefer.

How does Google Ads or AdWords work?

Let’s learn this process step by step.

Step 1.  Through Google AdSense account, Advertisers participate in the auction for their google ad to rank.

Step 2. Advertisers will bid maximum cost per click (CPC ) on keywords relevant to their ad.

Step 3. Google will decide your quality score based on relevant keywords selected for your Google ad campaign.

Step 4. Your Maximum bid and quality score by Google will determine the position of your Google ad rank.


Does Google Ads work? Should you invest in Google ads?

It might or might not work for your business. It’s simple as that. You should aware of this bitter truth.

Don’t you worry!

Seo Space at your service, we will spill some beans for you on how not to fail at it.

You just got to know how Google makes money, from their advertisers, but their real asset is not those Google advertisers. Their asset is you, their consumers AKA their web traffic, who browse their search engine who consume other Google products like YouTube, Gmail, etc. even though they are not necessarily giving any money to Google, but giving much more valuable thing to them

Time, it is.

Google primarily focuses on giving relevant ads to consumers. People find relevant content after clicking on Google ad and they trade their time with relevancy.

This factor could save some bucks for your Google ads. Focus on building the relevant website, relevant landing page, relevant content, or you can leave this relevant work on SEOSPACE

What are the benefits of Google Ads or AdWords?

Google ads target audience faster

Google AdSense has many features that target your ads to your audience faster.

Here are the features of Google ads.

  • Ad location – Show your Google ads, where your business wants to target.
  • Demographic search – Display Google ads based on factors like age, language, and location.
  • Targeted Keywords – Show your relevant Google ads on relevant websites
  • Devices – Display your ads on the types of devices according to the Google ad campaign.

Control your Campaigns offline

Google ads offer you to control multiple ads campaign with various tools. You can edit the Google ads campaign from your Google Ads account offline now. Just download Google ads, Editor, for desktop, and upload on Google ads once you are done editing campaigns.

Tools for your success story

Analytical tools by Google can put your money at ease. Google ads allows you to track your ad campaign performance. Activities like, which Google ads campaign gets clicks and which one don’t. It will reduce cost on the least effective campaign shift your investment to the most effective one.

Manage your Money

Google ads allows you to control your costs. Manage to spend on your ad campaign for a day. a week, a month. Pay only for cost per clicked.

How does SEOSPACE work for your Google ads?

We are focused on being more relevant with time and CTA oriented, of course.

We’ll make sure once someone sees your ad on Google, they will remember you.

Let’s understand SEO Space way of doing business, step by step.

Step 1.  We’ll examine your business types and goals. Your goals could be Brand awareness, Return on Investment (ROI), gain web traffic and leads. Whatever your business goals are, our Google ad expert got you covered!

Step 2.  Based on your business goals, Our Google ad Experts will decide which type of Google ads would be suitable for your Google ad campaign.

Step 3.  As we have told you already, we are all about providing relevancy, quality, well-researched keywords to our clients. Leave that unexciting task on our Experts who aim to make it exciting for our clients.

Step 4. Let’s participate in the Google ads auction. Our expert is expert at minimizing your actual CPC to maximize your chances for Google ads to rank on the Google search results pages.

Step 5. Your Google ad is ready to catch eyeballs.

To know more about Google ads strategies. please write to us or follow our social media for relevant blogs.

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