what are linkedIn ads?

LinkedIn Ads are ads that are promoted by the brands to sell their product and services to the users or other businesses on the platform.

LinkedIn is a professional social media network, unlike Facebook or Twitter that are personal social media. Basically, it’s sort of a digital CV platform to impress other businesses to collaborate with your business.

LinkedIn Ads are quite useful for providing services to B2B prospects. However, that doesn’t imply that LinkedIn advertising is not for B2C. B2C companies are yet to fully utilize LinkedIn’s potential.

Should you consider LinkedIn Ads for you?

LinkedIn has a user base of over 706 million.

and who would want to miss an opportunity to ignore those 1,412 million eyeballs?
Source: Statista

It’s the third-largest social media platform in terms of having a huge user base, good opportunity to sell your products and services on LinkedIn.

So, yes! you should invest some budget in advertising on LinkedIn!

How do LinkedIn ads work?

Like other social advertising manager, LinkedIn ads has also got its own manager called LinkedIn ads manager that manages all your ad campaigns.

LinkedIn advertising offers a variety of ad types and formats that you can consider, for effective targeting for your business.

You should have a comprehensive understanding before selecting any ad format. Each ad type and format has an objective to serve based on your business goals that could be brand awareness, lead generation, engagement, job application, video views, etc.

Types of Ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn sponsored Ads: This ad format is used to promote your business to be seen all across devices. It is native advertising, that must have written “sponsored” on the content. The ad mainly focuses on to aware audience about your brand and drive lead from it. It comes in three ad formats single image ads, video ads, and carousel ads.

LinkedIn Sponsored Messaging Ads: As the name suggests, this ad format reaches the audience to their personal messages. There are high chances of engagement to drive leads and then convert them directly to your landing page. It comes in two ad formats message ads and conversation ads.

LinkedIn Conversation Ads: The brand with this ad campaign focuses on reaching the prospects by engaging in a conversation with them and give them options that LinkedIn calls “choose your own path” and therefore convert into quality conversions.

LinkedIn Video Ads: Acquire audience by creating captivating video ads that impact the audience to drive to take action. The LinkedIn video ad campaign has pre-filled forms that seamlessly collect quality leads of those who show interest in that ad.

LinkedIn Text Ads: It’s for one of those brands which are highly budget conscious and transaction-oriented. In this ad format, you get to the right audience who matter to you the most. LinkedIn offers you to set your own budget for your ad campaign, meaning, pay only for the ads that worked for you. Save your bucks with PPC and CPM pricing options.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads: In this format, you reach out to your audience with Personalized Ads by accessing your prospect’s personal profile information, like, job title, company, phone, and many more features. Isn’t it a special way to feel someone special plus building your brand awareness and drive prospects directly to your landing page that specially optimize for them, this is what this LinkedIn ad does.

LinkedIn Carousel Ads: In this type of LinkedIn advertising, it’s easy and deeply effective for your brand storytelling through swipes. You can offer multiple products through a single ad and drive valuable results to your landing page.

LinkedIn Elevate

it’s not an ad, but a platform where you choose to see what matters you most and better for your professional network. It helps in building your career growth by sharing good content relevant to you and your company and therefore builds your reputation in the company by maintaining your profile full of smart content.

LinkedIn advertising cost

Like other social media advertising cost, LinkedIn advertising cost is also set on by your advertising budget and how much you’re willing to bid for the ad.

LinkedIn campaign manager sets the budget according to you and your business goals and it also determines by the ad type that you choose to go for your campaigns.

Although LinkedIn ad gives you the liberty to save some bucks through PPC pricing options.

How to take advantage of the ads on LinkedIn?

It’s no brainer to spend recklessly on the ads without having a deep understanding, this tactic won’t land you anywhere, let alone your ideal prospects.

You won’t be closing this tab without taking some valuable perspective. So, don’t worry about that part.

Without making it sound boring, let’s get back to the topic.

Target your audience about just right

Meaning, think of your prospects aka customers aka audience. Your business just getting started and all you care about the ROI. Yes, you should think about that, but not more than the customers, the products and services you’ve made of.

The whole point of the story is, target your audience right. As mentioned earlier, don’t spend recklessly on narrow targeting to gain a higher number of prospects.

Layer your LinkedIn advertising targeting options is a good way to promote your brand, just don’t overdo it.

Don’t spam your customers

To be honest, nobody likes to be spammed. Think about your customers before selecting the LinkedIn ad type. Design LinkedIn campaign accordingly.

This point mainly focuses on ad type and how carefully you must choose it for your brand. If you started out advertising with LinkedIn message ads or Sponsored InMail ad and start selling your business. Nobody likes to wake up to your sponsored thing.

Bad idea, a big no-no!

Each LinkedIn ads have a purpose and will be appropriate if you choose to be appropriate with your customers.

Go with the analytics flow

LinkedIn has the most useful analytics which you can take leverage from exchange for a price, of course. Having a good understanding and using it correctly, you could save some for a new LinkedIn campaign management, maybe or maybe not.

Have a look at your targeting parameter and play around with it, make it flexible and not boring.

With that said, I think you’re good to go for moving forward.

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